Estate Planning in Fishers

Death and dying is not something that most people think about, or want to think about for that matter, and rightfully so. When it comes to the possible death of a loved one, the topic can get downright depressing. However, the legwork you do in life, no matter what your health may be, can make a major difference in the carrying out of your wishes upon death. That can be a major load off of your shoulders of your loved ones if and when that time comes. While it might not be a pleasant topic, it is one the needs to be addressed.

Talk About It

If talking about death and dying is not your thing, join the club. Not many people want to talk about it, and even fewer people want to get down to the root of it all and start the necessary steps to ensure that everyone is on the same page when the time comes. While it is not a pleasant subject, it is something that is extremely necessary and imperative when it comes to ensuring your wishes are carried out upon your passing. That means sitting down with your loved ones, your lawyer, and anyone else that has a part to play in your life. Then passing and laying everything out on the table and getting it included in a legal, binding document and ensuring that document is in the hands of the people that need to have it such as the executor of the will. Whether you talk to your family individually, or as a collective group, is up to you, but knowing what topics that you should cover are essential. Topics can include but are not limited to:

  1. Burial, cremation, or other means of handling your earthly remains.
  2. If and where you would like to be buried.
  3. Presence of a will and who is the executor of the said will.
  4. Any advance directives you may have.

There are many more topics that could and should be discussed and many different ways to approach them. While this is not an easy subject, it is one that should be addressed. A great list of some of these topics and how to go about talking to your loved ones about them can be found at: The more you know, the more of a comfort the process can potentially be.

Get Your Family Attorney Involved

Estate planning can be a great way to get everything in writing the right way before a loved one passes away. It is an affordable, easy way to get everything in order and legal before it is ever needed. However, estate planning is much more than just the formulation of the last will; it is an all-out planning for an eventuality. From developing powers of attorney as needed, planning or mitigating estate taxes, development of trusts, and much more. A reliable and reputable attorney can help you through the estate planning process without the stress, uncomfortably, and cost that you get from some law firms.

Don’t Fall For Too Good To Be True Advertisements

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. During a stressful time like the passing of a loved one, the last thing that you want to do is find out that your discount that you purchased online or over the phone is not valid in Indiana. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there simply trying to make money off of you, even at a sad time like after a death. It is sad, but true in many cases. Choosing to work with a local and reputable attorney can alleviate much of this potential stress and headache by providing you with a legal document that we will stand behind throughout the entire process. We have the staff and the experience necessary to get things done the right way, not the discount online attorney way. So, if you are looking to avoid the hassle, let us help you do everything from estate planning to the execution of the will and beyond. Cogswell and Associates, the right choice for your legal needs.

For Those Unseen Circumstances

While we would all like to believe that things will happen upon execution of the will without a hitch, sometimes unseen circumstances prevent that uneventful execution that we would like to envision. While it is not common, events such as one party suing the other due to disagreement with the contents of the will, wrongful death of the individual with the will due to perceived negligence, or other issues may all play a factor. Having an experienced team of attorneys involved throughout the process can help facilitate a smooth transition between changes and ensure that all processes are conducted and carried out in a legal manner. With our team, you get the attention that you need and when you need it. That in itself can make a major difference in an otherwise trying time.

The Name You Can Trust

Sure, there are plenty of other places that you can choose when it comes to finding an attorney to help with estate planning, but when it comes to professionalism, dedication to your specific situation, and flexibility to meet your needs, no one beats Cogswell and Associates. We understand that nothing beats experience and attention to detail, and while we can not always promise perfection, that is what we strive to give to every client. Whether it is as simple as the development of your will, or the placing of assets in a trust, or the reading or execution of the will, we will be there for you. Cogswell and Associates, the name that you can trust for estate planning.

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