Two people getting divorcedUncontested Divorce or Mediated Divorce

Thankfully not every divorce has to end in a difficult manner. It is easy to imagine divorce being a difficult process with hurt feelings and loud yelling, but that is simply not always the case. Yes, there are those instances when couples choose to end their marriage on good terms and in a manner that is beneficial for both parties for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you are talking about property, visitation rights, or any other aspect, an uncontested, or mediated, divorce is a preferable method when available and agreed upon by both parties. At Cogswell and Associates, we are happy to help you through this process from start to finish to a desirable outcome for both parties involved.  If this sounds like the scenario that you are currently finding yourself in, call and set up your initial consultation in Indianapolis to get started on your uncontested divorce today.

What is the difference between Divorce Mediation and an Uncontested Divorce

The difference between an uncontested divorce and a mediated difference, though similar, are important.  With an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse create the plan at your pace on your time with less involvement with an attorney.  With divorce mediation, a divorce mediator, meets with you both, usually together but it can be done separately, and helps the parties resolve differences that have not yet been agreed upon.  A Divorce Mediator does not take sides and remains impartial through the process.  Most of the benefits between uncontested divorce and divorce mediation are the same though.

Your Pace, Your Schedule

One of the great aspects about an uncontested divorce, or mediated divorce, is the ability to go through the process at your pace and on your schedule. That means less stress on both parties involved and it is often more preferable because it gives you the freedom to continue your day to day life without the impact of a summons and court orders. That means that you are free to continue your day to day job and hobbies without the significant impact that comes with the litigation of a contested divorce. Throughout the process, we can continue at the pace that works for both sides, rather than requiring a court order for one side or the other to appear. Often times an uncontested divorce or mediated divorce is finalized much sooner than traditional divorce, but ultimately that pace is up to you. So if pace matters to you, working with Cogswell and Associates on your uncontested divorce will give you that peace of mind that comes with knowing your divorce moves as fast or as slow as you do.

Less Stress on Children and Dependents

Let’s face it, divorce can be a stressful time for everyone; especially your children and dependents. When it comes to stress, we all have enough on our plate to make the addition of the stress that can come with a divorce an unwanted addition to your family’s daily routine. Reducing stress can be a step in the right direction for everyone. Mediated and uncontested divorce have a much lower stress profile than contested divorce due to both sides of the separation being largely on the same page for much of the process. Often times parties come to the table with a very good idea on what they would like to see in terms of division of property, belongings, and if children or dependents are involved, visitations rights and custody. Lose the stress, work with Cogswell and Associates.

Less Expense With a Favorable Outcome

When divorce is contested, often the process can drag on for an extended period of time, meaning that more time is spent in litigation resulting in higher costs for both parties involved. For example, the “average” litigated divorce in Marion County (Indianapolis) is estimated to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of around $10,000 with both parties having to spend money on their own attorneys to determine division of personal property, real estate, assets, debts, spousal support, child support, visitation, and custody. So when it comes to your divorce, rather than both parties spending $250-$400 per hour on their own individual attorney, splitting $150-$250 per hour to resolve problems is a much easier number to swallow. Ultimately a mediated divorce will generally cost in the vicinity of one-third or even less than a traditional divorce. For low income families, Cogswell and Associates also offers a sliding fee scale to make divorce affordable when every dollar counts. You will want to ask Cody or Joe for specifics on the sliding fee. Give us a call if you live in or near Indianapolis and would like to spend less for your favorable outcome today.

The Attention You Want and Deserve

When it comes to the process and outcome of a divorce, having the right amount of attention from your lawyers can mean the difference between a good experience and a difficult one. Getting the attention you need and the information that want throughout the process is paramount. That is why when it comes to uncontested divorce the streamlined process allows us as attorneys, to be able to put the focus and place our attention on the discussion and process where you want it, rather than having to spend time on a specific set of discussion points to necessitate your desired outcome. That means that throughout the process, this additional attention often serves to be therapeutic for all parties involved, knowing that you are working together to achieve a specific set of outcomes. Doing so will allow us to produce documents to be filed with the court that should be readily accepted soon after being filed.

Planning for Life After Divorce

The process of divorce itself can be difficult for everyone involved. Difficult divorces often lead to difficulty after the legal proceedings have come to an end. In some cases a mutually agreeable ending can turn bitter when sides don’t have a plan in place or one or the other fail to meet specified agreed upon requirements. However, in the case that your divorce is an uncontested one, the ability to set up a plan for what happens next becomes much easier.  Whether you are discussing custody, visitation rights, support, property allocation, or any other of a myriad of important topics, how and when your plan is carried out is crucial to ensure that all parties involved are set up for success for the future. Let our attorneys and mediators help you set up your plan for the future. Cogswell and Associates, more than just another law firm, a helping hand in a difficult time.


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