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If your feel like your divorce decree is unfair or one-sided, you do not have to settle for the initial ruling that you have received. If you have chosen to represent yourself, worked with another law firm, or we have just found another angle to challenge the matter, you can appeal the ruling. If you are looking to appeal, it is important to get a quality, experienced, and trustworthy team of attorneys on your side. At Cogswell and Associates, we place your needs first by helping you design a plan to achieve a favorable outcome for your appeals process and work feverishly toward that end. Getting the results you want is as simple as giving us a call to set up your consultation today.

What Areas Are Covered

When you are talking about the appeals process for family law in Indiana, traditionally there are very specific areas that are covered by such a process. The first of these areas is child custody. This is where one parent seeking to overturn a ruling limiting or granting amounts of custody due to an unfavorable ruling. The second of these areas is spousal maintenance or alimony. This area is where one spouse is seeking to receive payments or to change the amount of payment that is received by the other party post divorce to maintain a standard of living. The third of these areas is the division of assets. This area is associated with the who gets what part of the personal property that is included in the divorce. The fourth of these areas is child support. Basically, what it all boils down to is who gives it, how much it is, and when it is to be given..

Dont Get Frustrated, Get A Plan

It is easy to get frustrated and angry by an unfavorable ruling. Developing a plan to appeal an unfair ruling by a judge doesn’t have to be a complex process. It can be done straightforward and with ease with the right help on your side. Fighting this battle alone can be overwhelming and depressing. Who would want that? The Attorneys at Cogswell and Associates have years of experience helping people just like you overturn these rulings and getting life moving in the right direction again. Getting frustrated only serves in making the process more difficult for everyone. Let us help design your custom plan, and lose the frustration that you are feeling for good. In Indianapolis and surrounding areas, Cogswell and Associates is the name you need to know for family law appeals.

Understanding the Process

When and if you receive an unfair ruling, it is important to understand the steps of the process and the timeline that they are likely to run on. That is where we come in. Our team of professionals at Cogswell and Associates are intimately familiar with the family law appeals process in and around Indianapolis and can put their years of experience to work helping you understand them as well. Having us on your team means no more sitting in the dark wondering what is going on with your appeal. It means having someone on your side that can help you get the results in a timely manner with up to date information all throughout the process. In Indiana, the Court of Appeals of Indiana may not decline appeals, but the process may be unfamiliar to you, that is why having a team of attorneys working on your behalf to submit a written account or oral brief why your initial ruling was not fair or just may just make the difference in getting that retrial at the lower courts that you are looking for.

What’s Next?

If you get denied that appeal that you are looking for at the Indian Court of Appeals, all is not lost, there is another road forward. All it takes is appealing the Court of Appeals ruling to the Indiana Supreme Court. Hopefully there, if nowhere else, you will get the appeal that you are looking for. At Cogswell and Associates, we are fully ready and prepared to take your appeal wherever it needs to go. Let us get to work for you, and fight the fight on your behalf in the Indianapolis area. Remember, if your initial answer is no, we don’t see that as a final answer, we see that as a challenge. Knowing the law and building your case for appeal, both written and oral, can make the difference between hearing “no” and getting that “yes” that you are looking for.

Why Choose Cogswell and Associates For Your Family Law Appeal?

Sure, there are plenty of attorneys and lawyers that you could hire to work for you in and around the Indianapolis area. Each of them bringing a different aspect and set of tools to work for you. While all of this is well and good, the important thing to remember is that having a knowledgeable, professional, and personable team of attorneys working for you is worth its weight in gold. At Cogswell and Associates, we don’t make false promises on what we can or can’t do for you, we put it out there for you to see from the very start. That way there is no wondering about what is going on or when, after your consultation, you will know the path forward and the steps that we will take together to reach that end. No, we can’t guarantee you the outcome that you are looking for as there are too many factors out there for that, but we can promise you that no one in the Indianapolis area will work harder for you. That is what makes the team at Cogswell and Associates so different. Give us a call and schedule your appointment today and get started on the road toward that family law appeal that you are looking for.

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