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Joseph Bryant was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana and ventured out across the country and the world at the age of 18 first with travels through Russia and then to California with the Marine Corps.  Joseph Bryant transitioned into a career as a commercial advertising photographer taking his craft again around the world to Japan, China, and Korea.  In April of 2008, the tragic loss of his sister-in-law caused him to close down his round-the-clock every-weekend photography business for something that would allow him to care for his adopted children.  Shortly after taking custody of the children after their mother’s death, 11 different parties sought visitation or custody of the children.  Joe often reflects that he knows what it is like to be in his clients’ shoes more than they will ever realize having what could be likened to 11 simultaneous divorces.  Joseph Bryant quickly returned to school for legal studies in 2008 and worked for a tax office.  Joe continued through Ball State University’s Legal Studies Department majoring in Legal Studies with concentrations in Economics and Political Science.  In 2011, Joseph Bryant earned his Domestic Relations Certificate (NASW Approved Course by the Indiana Supreme Court) and sought to help couples avoid long lengthy conflict in their divorces with a focus on searching for financially advantageous strategies in divorce including tax transfers to maximize the parties’ ability to squeeze everything possible back from the government legally allowed.  Having interned for a few attorneys and working in tax matters each tax season, Joseph Bryant found a new home working for attorneys Cody Cogswell and Charles Braddock.

Joseph Bryant has a broad area of knowledge working as a paralegal, Domestic Relations Mediator, and Tax Advisor in complex areas of family law including divorce, legal separation, grandparent visitation rights, third party custody, guardianships, adoptions, and family law appeals.  Prior to working for attorney Cody Cogswell, in 2012, having already spent $33,000 in attorney fees, Joseph Bryant fought to have his own battle moved before the Indiana Supreme Court pro se (without an attorney) and in July 2013, the Indiana Supreme Court found in his favor changing the laws on grandparent visitation rights.

Having worked for several attorneys through the years, Joe has an extensive background in areas of complex civil litigation, personal injury, real estate, estate planning, probate, bankruptcy, corporate formation, mergers and dissolutions, tax planning, tax debt resolution, tax preparation, and Medicaid Appeals.  Joseph Bryant is also responsible for the paralegal internship program for the firm and the marketing for the firm.

Joseph Bryant is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice.  Joseph Bryant may only render advice to tax matters pursuant to IRS Circular 230, aid in limited federal matters, and function as a Domestic Relations Mediator pursuant to the Indiana Rules of Alternative Dispute Resolution 2.5(B).