With the holiday season in full swing, people across the country are traveling to visit friends, family, and loved ones. That means that everyone has a place to go, and seemingly never enough time to get there. In all of that hustle and bustle that comes with this time of year, it is important to sit back and take a moment to think. Sure, you have a place that you need to be, and a limited time to get there and again, but not taking that chance can set yourself and your family up for failure in the long run. A smart traveler makes sure that they cover all of their bases before stepping foot out on the road.

More Than Just a Piece of Paper

With so many people traveling, the likelihood of an accident increases exponentially. So what does that mean for you? If in the course of your travel you are either the cause of, the victim of, or a witness to an accident, it is essential that you have your paperwork in order. That means that you need to ensure that you have a copy of your driver’s license, insurance card, and any other significant paperwork with you on the road. Now, more than ever, people are carrying concealed weapons in their vehicles as well. That means knowing which states honor your concealed carry card and which ones don’t. Ensure that you have your concealed carry card with you as well. While it is not an all-encompassing list, it is important to remember that all of these are more than just a piece of paper, they are integral to your successful trip this holiday season.

Vehicle Safety

Once you get all of your paperwork in order, making sure your vehicle is in good working order is the next step. Whether you are a driver or a passenger does not matter in this area. Everyone is responsible for safety. Ensure your tires are in excellent condition, a spare is on hand, and you have the tools to change your tire if needed. If not, ensure that you have access to a phone and company to make necessary repairs for you on the road. Windshield wipers, washer fluid, working lights, proper car seats, and brakes in good repair are all important things to consider when it comes to deciding whether or not your car can get you where you want to go.

Personal Safety

When it comes to you and the passengers in your vehicle, personal safety cannot be overstated. Make sure everyone is in the proper car seat, is buckled up, and the seat belt is hitting on the appropriate part of the shoulder. Beyond, the vehicle, any necessary medication, proper clothing for the climate that you are going to be in, and any other personal needs are critical to remember. It’s easy to think that you are overpacking, but it is hard to make use of something when you leave it at home. Make a list of those things that you need before you even start packing and check things off as you go. Make a few copies and get the whole family involved. It will make it easier for you, and more enjoyable for them by getting everyone involved.

Safety on the Road

Road conditions change in a heartbeat. A rainstorm, blizzard, or even an ice storm can make driving a nightmare. Be smart when it comes to your speed and the times that you travel during the winter months. Your tires and your experience driving in adverse weather conditions can mean the difference between getting stranded on the side of the road and getting to your destination on time and safely. Look ahead at the weather report for upcoming days and be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you. After all, it is not only your safety on the line; it is everyone in your car and the other people driving on the road as well.

In The Event of an Accident

If you have made all necessary preparations to have a safe, prosperous holiday trip and still have the misfortune of getting into a car accident, slip on the floor of a business, or get injured in any way, being prepared can help you get on the road to recovery sooner. When it comes to personal injury, the team of attorneys at Cogswell and Associates are here to help. Ensure that you have your insurance card on you, get the information from the other party involved, get a police report, and not leave the scene of an accident or injury unless you are cleared to do so by a police officer or obtain all necessary information needed to follow up on the matter as soon as possible. If you have questions, call the local law authority and get the first-hand answer regarding your particular situation. When you get home, or when you get to a place that you can call, call us, we will help you with the representation and the information that you need in a timely and efficient manner. We have your best interests at heart, no matter what situation you may be in.

Add Cogswell and Associates to Your Travel Plan

It might sound funny, but adding us to your travel plan can help you out on the road big time. It can be as simple as putting our number in your phone, or just having our number in your glove box. While you may not think of an attorney as a must-have for travel, being proactive is far better than being reactive when it comes to being prepared on the road. Being that we are your friendly, local, Indianapolis based legal source, getting good representation close to home is easier than ever with Cogswell and Associates. So get out on the road and enjoy your time with friends and family this holiday season. When you get home, we are here when and if you need us.

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