Attorney in Indianapolis

While we would all like to think that we, and everyone around us, have the best interests and intent at heart, sometimes life necessitates and demands that you hire an attorney. Whether you are going through legal troubles yourself, or you have a friend or family in need of legal counseling, knowing who to trust around Indianapolis when it comes to attorneys is a great place to start. Sure, there are plenty of people around that you could choose to work with, each with their own unique set of experiences and area’s of expertise, your best bet is Cogswell and Associates. Building a great team and providing you with the best representation possible is what we do.

Getting to Know Us

Building a relationship with the person, or team of persons’ that you choose for your representation is a great first step. Knowing how communication flows, understanding each other’s ways of thinking, and setting a common goal, are all key elements to getting to know each other. When it comes to the Attorneys of Cogswell and Associates, our team of attorneys is ready and waiting to hear from you. When you need us, we are here. Whether you work with Cody Cogswell, you are going to get an attorney that is knowledgeable, fair, hardworking, and dedicated to your needs.

Cody Cogswell

When you think of attorneys around Indianapolis, Cody Cogswell is one of the first that should come to mind. Cody is a hard working, dedicated attorney that goes the extra mile for all of his clients, regardless of how small the case may be. Since graduation in 2012, Cody has been working hard and honing his craft; working hard to be one of, if not the best, attorneys in the Indianapolis area. He has experience in a wide variety of areas; from misdemeanors, felonies, infractions, as well as many different areas of family law ranging from divorces to custody modifications to 4D child support actions. So if you are in need of an attorney in Indianapolis; there is a great one waiting for you at Cogswell and Associates.

Joseph Bryant

A great team has more than one way to get the job done. With that in mind, the office of Cogswell and Associates employs a great team of Paralegals to help you achieve a favorable outcome in your legal proceedings. Joseph Bryan brings a worldly, first hand set of knowledge and experience to the team. Having gone through his own set of legal proceedings in custody, he fully understands your needs, possibly even more than you do, and is here to help. From his time in the marine corps, all the way to his adoption of his children, Joseph has built up a knowledge base well suited to helping you achieve your end goals in family law such as divorce, legal separation, grandparent visitation rights, third party custody, guardianships, adoptions, and family law appeals. However, that is not all that he brings to the team; he also has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to civil litigation, personal injury, real estate, estate planning, probate, bankruptcy, corporate formation, mergers and dissolutions, tax planning, tax debt resolution, tax preparation, and Medicaid Appeals. Joseph is a great addition to the team of Cogswell and Associates that is ready to get to work for you; whatever your needs may be near Indianapolis.

Bringing It together

When it comes to finding a great attorney near Indianapolis for family law, criminal law, or anything in between, Cogswell and Associates i the name you need to know. Afterall, it is not about finding only one person to represent you, it is about finding a great team that has the knowledge and experience to help you get that favorable resolution from start to finish. That is exactly what you get with the team at Cogswell and Associates. So, when you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, take the short drive to 9865 E 116th Street in Fishers Indiana, and get the team of Cogswell and Associates on your side today; you will certainly be glad that you did.

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